Friday, June 09, 2006

Election Results

I've already written a lot about this week's election, so I'll keep this short. I wasn't too upset about Angelides defeating Westly. There really wasn't much difference between these guys. I don't know if either would be more likely to defeat Shwarzenneger.  I'm sure that I'll vote for Schwarzenneger again.

I was very surprised to see both state propositions go down, and go down hard. Then again, many theorize that liberal issues/candidates do poorly in elections with low turnouts, and primaries typically have low turnouts. Whatever the case, it is good that these propositions failed.

I was not surprised by the San Jose mayorial results. I voted for Mulcahy. If I had to rank the candidates it would have been Mulcahy, Pandori, and Reed. So I will probably vote for Reed in the runoff.

Of course the other big news of the elction was the special election for Congressional district 50, down near San Diego. Many thought that a Democratic victory could occur in a very conervative district. Many people believed that a Democratic victory there would be a sign of many more Democratic victories in the fall. I think too much was being read into this. Anyways, it didn't happen. Yawn. My friend Terry thinks it was a classic case of Republicans controlling the agenda by using immigration to swing things in their favor. He's probably right. So why can't Democrats controll the agenda? Because when it comes to the issues that Republicans are weak on, such as the war in Iraq and corruption, Democrats are also weak. After all the lies that Bush used to justify war and all the casualties on both sides, it's weak when all you can say is "we need an exit strategy."

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