Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The big news in football this week has been the suspension of Terrell Owens. The whole thing kind of reminds me of the steroid controversy in baseball. It's amazing how seriously people take sports. I love sports. I'm a huge football and baseball fan (just ask my wife.) But at the end of the day, sports is just entertainment to me.

That's why I think the T.O. controversy is totally ridiculous. The guy is obviously a ego-maniac who holds a certain amount of contempt for the rest of the world. Kind of reminds me of Bobby Fischer. Put a microphone in front of him and he's bound to say some things that are going to offend the rest of the world. So it wasn't too surprising to me when he ragged on Donovan McNabb (again) and the Eagles front office (again) last week.

But my question is: Who Cares? Sure maybe Donovan McNabb should be angry. Obviously the Eagles management have a right to be angry. But what did the guy really do at the end of the day? He made childish remarks about people. So what? Don't we all have co-workers who make the same kind of remarks on a daily basis?

If the Eagles want to suspend him, there's nothing wrong with that. If I criticized my boss I might get canned. Of course I think it's pretty stupid. They are a much better team with T.O. than without him. Still that's their mistake to be made. Obviously Donovan McNabb's comments about them being better without T.O. just shows that he can be almost as childish as Owens.

I think things would be a lot different if the Eagles were 8-0 right now. But they're not. It's obvious to everyone that their defense is not as good (especially without Corey Simon) and that Donovan McNabb is hurt. So they know they're not a contender this year, which makes it a lot easier to come down hard on Owens. T.O. is probably the best receiver in the league and there's no way a contending team would do what the Eagles have done. If I was an Eagles fan, I would be pissed that they were suspending T.O. because it just means that they're raising the white flag.

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