Sunday, June 19, 2005

New Music
The past two months has seen a lot of new music from well known artists. I did a long review of the new Nine Inch Nails CD. Here's just a quick if the others:

Guero by Beck -- Beck tries to become Beck circa 1997. It's ok, but kind of boring.

Bleed Like Me by Garbage -- I actually liked their previous record, though it was considered to be their weakest. This CD has a lot of energy, but is kind of forgettable.

Mesmerize by System of a Down -- This CD is mind-blowing. Definitely less bass-heavy and more guitar-driven than previous CDs, but still their best. Can't wait for "side two" to be released later this year.

Out of Exile by Audioslave -- The beginning of this CD is really great. Much tighter than their first CD. The rest of the CD is a little hit or miss, but solid.

Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes -- I didn't like this CD too much at first, but now I love almost every song on it. I really disliked "The Nurse" at first, and still don't like that song. Everything else is amazing.

X & Y by Coldplay -- My biggest dislike with Coldplay's last CD was that they seemed to lose their sound a little from their first CD. X & Y is definitely more like Parachutes, but with several more patented Coldplay ballads. Overall very good, though a little too calculated.

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