Thursday, March 06, 2008

IE-Hell Freezing Over

Even after I heard the rumors, I still never thought I'd see it with my own eyes:

My enthusiasm was quickly curbed when I tried to use IE8 to post this blog entry. Not only did the Blogger interface look crazy, but the upload image link did not work. I tried switching to "Emulate IE7". To do that, you must restart the browser. That's not very practical, and just means that most people will have to default to the IE7 emulator. Oh well, I guess Blogger just needs to fix up their non-standard JS? Maybe I will open up a debugger to figure out what is breaking. Probably some kind of browser sniffing code that picks different JS syntax depending on if it is IE or not. Maybe what is needed is an IE8 add-on that fakes the user-agent so that most sites think IE8 surfers are actually Firefox surfers.

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