Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun Things in January

Here are a few things I am attending/involved in that are coming up in January.
  • Macworld 2009, January 5-9, Moscone Center (San Francisco) -- Steve Jobs won't be there, but I will. Coincidence? I'll mostly be bugging iPhone developers. If that's you, then look out.
  • BCS Championship Game, January 8 -- Oh, I wish I could say that I was going to be in Miami for this game. Instead I will just be at my house in San Jose, watching the Gators triumph.
  • Java Community Process, 10th Birthday Party , January 13, Computer History Museum (Mountain View) -- Like other Silicon Valley JUG members, I got sent an invite for this little party. Democracy and Java, two killer ingredients for a party...
  • Introduction to Scala for Java Developers, January 20, San Francisco JUG -- I get to talk about Scala along with Lift creator David Pollak and the venerable Bill Venners. Bring your Scala book for Bill to sign it.

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