Thursday, September 04, 2008

JavaScript Benchmarks, now with Chrome

As promised yesterday, I did the JS benchmarks again on a Windows machine so I could include Google Chrome. I tried to be pretty inclusive, adding in IE7, IE8 beta 2, Firefox 3.0.1 (current release), Firefox 3.1 with and without JIT, Safari 3.1 (current release), Safari 4 beta, Opera 9.5 and Chrome. This was all run on my workstation, a 4-core, 3.2 GHz box with 8 GB of RAM. Any add-ons, extensions were disabled. Here is the pretty picture.

Once again Safari is the kind. Safari 3.1 beats everything except for Safari 4 beta, which crushes even Safari 3.1. Opera was a little slower than Safari. Chrome was generally comparable to the various Firefox browsers, but overall slightly slower. Like Firefox 3.1+JIT, it was very on error handling! Of course IE was the slowest by far, but at least IE8 is faster than IE7. Maybe IE8 is shipping with debug symbols included (as Microsoft has often done in the past) and the release candidates will be much faster than the betas. Or not.

Anyways, Chrome, and its V8 engine, does well, but does not seem to be ahead of Firefox and is certainly behind Safari and Opera. Maybe they can do better on the Mac!

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