Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eclipse Day 2008

Congratulations to the Eclipse Foundation for releasing Ganymede today. As part of the festivities, Eclipse and Google collaborated on Eclipse Day yesterday. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the event, and it was a great experience. I spoke about how we use Eclipse at eBay. The response was very enthusiastic with lots of folks amazed at how many tools we had built for our developers and how we had standardized tools across such a large development organization. I totally agree that our tools developers are amazing. For me, I don't know how we could survive without having all of the tools we have built! Here are the slides from my presentation, courtesy of SlideShare:

I wanted to really thank Ian Skerrett from Eclipse for organizing everything. The folks at Google were excellent hosts, so I must also thank Robert Konigsberg from Google.

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Robert Konigsberg said...

Michael, thanks so much for coming, I thought your keynote was solid and interesting. It left me thinking about our development process, where things work, where they don't and how that can change. Which is, I hope, why you evangelize eBay's development environment.